Corporate Events and Engagements

2016 was fortuitous as we were able to share our message of creating impact via sustainable steps with Corporate giants like SAP, Credit Suisse, UBS, Linkedin over the festive season. Christmas season is all about spreading happiness, smiles and kindness. We had the opportunity to display, share stories and sell products consciously by our partner social enterprises. By being able to showcase the stories of our social enterprises and their products we were able to share the spirit of giving with a difference with a larger audience.

​The delicious chocolates from Krakakoa were always the most popular. These Artisanal chocolates are made by low income farmers. The employees of these organizations got to try these unique Chocolates that made with Chili, ginger, cinnamon and sea salt mixed with Cocoa. This interesting combination of Chocolate and spices are not only rare but are produced in the most socially responsible manner.

We were also carrying products from Javara and Siam Organics which were a big hit. The Coconut Biscotti from Javara was the star product. Siam Organics themed teas were quite popular as gifting options too. The teams made good of this opportunity and loads of them bought the snacks and chocolates to share as gifts with family and friends .

Furthermore, we had batik gifts, clothing and hand crafted products by Batik Boutique. Batik Boutique is a social enterprise from Malaysia that supports low income single mothers.

Last but not least, we showcased handwoven crafts by Toraja Melo. A social enterprise from Indonesia that offers employment to girls in village across Indonesia and helps them keep away from being a victim to sex trade due to lack of sustainable livelihood.

With our partnership with conscious corporates like above, we come back humbled and motivated that there are many more like us who would like to create impact in their own way. We hope to reach out to more such supporters and champions in 2017 so that we can collaborate more deeply.

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