Press Release: Angels of Impact Book Launch

​Singaporean social enterprise joins hands to support women in the ASEAN Region

4 May 2017, Singapore — “Money in the hands of the women can do a lot more good for nutrition, health and education of the child and the family…when you take a woman out of poverty, you take the family and the community out of poverty.” Laina Raveendran Greene, Co-founder of Angels of Impact posed these thoughts to the audience as she ended her talk at TEDxSingaporeWomen on October 2016.

This year, Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN) is celebrating its 50th anniversary and a Singaporean social enterprise, Angels of Impact (AI), is making contributions to the ASEAN community by supporting women social enterprises in the region to help alleviate poverty. This is a timely contribution to ASEAN, given that Singapore will chair ASEAN next year, in 2018.

Inaugural Book Launch

On 17 May 2017, Angels of Impact (AI) will be launching their first ever book, titled “Sustainable Impact: How Women Are Key To Ending Poverty” to honour Mother’s Day. This book was founded on AI’s massive transformative purpose of “creating a world without poverty in unity with women”. AI intends to do so by impacting 3 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals — #1 No Poverty, #5 Gender Equality and #12 Responsible Consumption and Production. How can this be achieved? AI passionately believes that if the community invests in and consumes responsibly produced goods made by women living in poverty themselves, the community can achieve 3 goals in one or as some would say “kill all three birds with one stone”.

The book launch, happening at Bloomberg Singapore, will be a night of insightful discussions, showcasing examples and meaningful conversations. Vint Cerf, global Internet pioneer widely known as one of “The Fathers of the Internet” and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, will be in attendance as the Guest of Honour, together with panellists from the Bloomberg Women’s Community, Singapore Committee for UN Women, Siam Organic and Color Silk to celebrate and discuss around the topic of “Women are Good Investments”.

Coming together to make a difference

So who is AI exactly? They are a social enterprise founded by Laina Raveendran Greene and Audrey Tan — two Singaporean women from two different backgrounds and generations, who share the same vision and strongly believe that they can make a difference in the community. They focus on women as good investments, and aim to maximize the social impact of money by working with enterprises, which in turn work with many women producing responsibly and getting the most effective use of resources. ​

Sustainable Impact: How women are key to ending poverty

The book, “Sustainable Impact: How Women Are Key To Ending Poverty”, will be available for purchase online via the AI website, or via Amazon from 18 May 2017 onwards. All proceeds for the book will go towards the cause and help propel the mission and vision of AI and accelerate towards ending world poverty.

More info about the book and Greene’s TEDxSingaporeWomen talk here:

Download full press release here (pdf).

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